New Years Day Dip

Happy New Year Everyone!!

At 11am this morning, people started to gather on West Side of Porthmeor Beach for the New Years Day Dip!  Young and Old(er) all stripped off to swimming costumes, vests, jammers and funky trunks to take a quick dip in the Atantic. Onlookers dressed in coats, hats, gloves and scarves shivered as the swimmers entered the freezing cold water. Some literally dipped their toes and ran back out; where others splashed about the waves for quite a few minutes. They were rewarded with Hot Chocolate afterwards and this started the thawing out process. It did, however, take more than a Hot Chocolate to regain feeling in the feet!!  The main thing was that the club came together, everyone had fun and started the New Year off with a bang. 

Don't forget training back at the Pool on Saturday 6th January, normal times - look forward to seeing you all there!!