St Ives Surf Life Saving Club have just joined forces with Cornish Granite Sports to create a fantastic new looking kit for our club.  They extensively search the sports markets offering clothing that satisfies our sports requirements.


Please scroll down to take a look at the selection of kit that we have on offer and if you wish to make any purchases, click on the image and it will take you straight through to the Granite Sports website where you can make your purchase.


St Ives SLSC Speedo Teamster

St Ives SLSC Maru Swim Bag

St Ives Beanie

St Ives SLSC Reflective Beanie Youth

St Ives Ski Beanie

St Ives SLSC Club Cap

St Ives SLSC Swim Suit

St Ives Leg Suits

St Ives SLSC Jammers

St Ives SLSC Hoodie

ST Ives SLSC Jog Pants

St Ives Onezie

St Ives SLSC Beach Activity Shorts

St Ives SLSC Youth Snowbird

St Ives SLSC Snowbird Adults